Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Body Shop Mango and Sweet Lemon Body Butters

I had recently decided that I wanted to try some new body moisturizers, just to try something different and experiment. I had seen a couple of reviews on The Body Shop Body Butters and thought I'd give them a go, so I decided I would buy the Sweet Lemon Body Butter and the Mango Body Butter! 

I was really pleased with these purchases and actually didn't expect them to be as good as they are. They are really nice and hydrating to the skin and you're not left waiting around for ages with that sticky feeling waiting for it to sink in like with most, also I would defiantly agree that with these that a little goes a long way.

Love Megan


  1. I love these body butters, my favourite one is the Brazil Nut :) x

  2. mango is defiantly my fave flavour! dont they smell so good!!?x

  3. I love the body shop :) all things smells so good :)!

  4. Just bought some of these recently, they smell so good! xo

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  5. I love the bodyshop! They have amazing products :)
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  6. hey megan!
    i've recently, well very recently, started up with blogging too and would love to be able to share that 'journey' with someone, haha, how cheesy. i guess i'm just being over enthusiastic, but really, it'd be cool.
    i'm laura, by they way, sorry for not introducing myself at the start, oh god, anyway, i was literally just opening my body butter when i found you and this post! my boyfriend bought me some for my birthday.
    so yeah, hi and i hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

  7. Hey :)
    Just found your blog and really like it, I have followed you and hope you will check my blog out and follow if you like!

    Love India Robyn

  8. love the body shop body butters! definitely one of my essentials :)
    liv x

  9. I love their butters, they're great! I haven't had either of those fragrances yet though, maybe I ought to try them out :))

    Lots of love,

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  10. i love the butters of body shop *_* amazing products and your blog is very interesting :)) keep in touch!