Saturday, 8 December 2012

Benefit Browzings

Hi girlies! The Benefit Browzings has been a favourite eyebrow 'tool' for a while now ever since I had discovered it in one of the eyeshadow sets by Benefit which even though there was only a small amount of it, it lasted me such a long time as I still use that eyeshadow set and there is still plenty of the eyebrow wax left. After ALMOST running out I decided I'd order the actual product itself as you can see above! 

Of course before even buying it at least I happily know I already love it. It is super easy to use which is probably one of the main reasons I adore it, as I use the hard angle brush to simply sweep across my eyebrow and it really doesn't get anymore difficult than that because personally I used to be so touchy when using eyebrow pencils as they are more prone to make a mess from pressing on to hard, not having a steady hand etc. so I found this pretty ideal for me. 

I got this is 'light' as I have blonde hair so personally I don't want majorly dark brown eyebrows, I enjoy them to be a more lighter colour because it works together  much better rather than having almost black huge scouse brows - that for me is a big no! But also this time as this contains the powder which you apply on top in order for the wax to stay longer so I am hoping this will work well as honestly I did notice that sometimes the wax could wear off throughout the day quite a bit. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

December Wishlist

Hello lovelies, here is only PART of my wishlist but it's a nice little sneak peak for you all. You may notice that the majority of the clothing items are from missguided, I am just really enjoying what they have in stock at the moment, no other shops/sites are really getting my attention that much, so that would be why!