Monday, 3 September 2012

September Wishlist

Here is a little peep into my September Wishlist, these are pretty much the main things I really want at the moment and I am saving up for. I defiantly can't wait to get the Burberry Sheer Foundation because I've heard a few things about this and it looks great, so excited! But unfortunately the high waisted jeans are sold out at the moment, so if they don't come back in stock they will remain a wish :(

What's on your September wishlist?


  1. i love the peplum style ! :)

    check my blog out -

  2. that jacket is gorgeous and the blazer.
    i just wanted to say hi, i'm a new follower so i thought i'd make myself known.
    anywayyyy, hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

  3. I love the jacket, the peplum and those jeans!
    Thanks for following me I'm following back you have a lovely blog xx

  4. I absolutely love your list! Great post! :))


  5. I love that peplum top! Very pretty choices.