Monday, 23 July 2012

Multiple Foundations Reviews | Dior, MAC & Clinique..

I decided that I would pull 3 branded foundations together and review them in order to see which is possibly most best and hopefully this could also help anyone else who may be trying to pick out a good branded foundation that will be worth their money! The 3 foundations I am doing this on are the Dior DiorSkin Forever Foundation, MAC Mineralize SatinFinish SPF 15 and Clinique Superbalanced foundation.

Dior DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Foundation in 023 (£31.00) -  It is a light-medium coverage and blends really easily on the face as it becomes more of a creamy formula when being rubbed in, also it sets nicely and doesn't look cakey at all. I find that this foundation gives you a very natural look and would work on people really well who have quite clear skin, so for me I would need a bit more coverage, but on a good day I find this a really nice foundation as like I mentioned it looks very natural and healthy.

MAC Mineralize SatinFinish SPF 15 in NW25 (£24.00) - When buying this foundation, there was defiantly trouble! The shop assistant had matched up my skin tone and gave me NW25 which quite clearly is too dark for me, so I was very unhappy about this as I felt like I just wasted my money. Anyway I still find this foundation got even worse, when applying it, it sets really quickly on the skin so you barely get to blend it in and so it just clumps on the face like a dried up cheap foundation. I was really disappointed with this as it was my first MAC foundation try and it ended badly and pretty much a waste of money! A MAC foundation that I shall be hopefully purchasing soon will be the MAC studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation, as I have heard good things about this and can not wait to try it, maybe I will have hope with this, so look forward to a review on that!

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Foundation in 03 ivory (£21.50) - This is one of my favourite foundations, I have been using it for so so so long, I always have this foundation at the ready again for whenever I run out. It offers a full coverage look, and at the same time it is really natural looking and does not look cakey. It blends in really easily and stays on for very long in the day, I never feel like I need a touch up with this foundation, honestly! Although the only fault about this foundation would be that in the heat I find that it comes out quite easily which isn't really useful for on hot summer days, for this foundations luck though with the english weather its not really that hot much but I would not use this if you wanted a foundation to take on holiday with you. Also this foundation matches my skin really well!

Love Megan


  1. I've neve tried any of cliniques foundations, but I own a bottle of both dior forever and the mac mineralize foundation, but definitely don't be put of my the mineralize as the studio fix liquid & sculpt are completely different! And in fact amazing :)

  2. Your beauty products selection is amazing! I have wanted MAC makeup and clinique products for such a long time, but I've never saved up the money to afford them..I was wondering if they are any good and if they're worth buying?:) Also, please may you check out my blog I am new to this blogging business so have only one follower! xx

    1. Thank you! Well I would defiantly recommend the clinique foundation, thats one of my favourites but mac wise I want to try the studio sculpt foundation as I've heard good stuff about it but the mac mineralize satinfinish above is a big no!xx