Sunday, 14 October 2012

Winter Wishlist

Today I have been feeling majorly in the Christmassy/winter mood! It's probably a little early to be saying Christmas mood, oops so I've called it 'winter'. I was at first going to call this the 'October wishlist' but I thought that it's not exactly what I want for October its something I want all through winter, yet we are actually in autumn, clearly I'm too ahead in time! Anywhere here you go, oh and you will notice it is pretty much just clothes, I was just internet shopping browsing at clothes really, I may do a separate one for beauty products ect though. Anyway here we go..

River Island beige open weave snood - £15 - I defiantly think I will be getting this, I think they are so nice and a much better option than scarves, I do like scarves but I like the way these are styled just like already folded as sometimes scarves can be a pain! I'm really glad I found this one, I actually pictured one in my head and surprisingly it actually looked quite like this.. So I'm happy with this find.

Nasty Gal split up knit - £25.16- I really like the look of this and unfortunately on the site it says 'final sale' and so I'm guessing this is going to be it's last selling of it and I'm probably going to be likely to miss it :( I wish it was staying though so I could wait a little longer to get it! I also really love knits around Christmas, so this would look perfect and also its quite dressy too, casual and dressy, always handy!

Topshop knee high socks - £6.00 - I remember saying to myself last Christmas that I wanted some over the knee wintery/Christmas socks, as I just think they'd look really cute to lounge around the house in to feel all warm and winterified! But these will have to do as these are all I can really find for a winter style knee high socks; they look warm!

River Islands Men's navy alpine lodge snowflakes print jumper - £38 - Yep this is a mans jumper! Again I think these are just really nice to lounge around the house in, and I love wearing boys clothes, they just seem so much more comfier and I love being buried in them!

Warehouse duffel coat - £95 - I really badly want a duffel coat, they look so nice in the winter and I really want to find one and I came across this one which I do really love but it's a bit much for me to be casually handing out for a coat, but I do need to find a cheaper alternative for this as I love it, but a girl can wish..

Enjoy the rest  of your AUTUMN!


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  2. love this post and your blog!

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  3. I love that novelty sweatshirt and the toggle button detail on those socks.


  4. actually love the mens jumper! i think may need to get that! xx

  5. Loveeeee both Jumpers! mostly the navy one!
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