Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tag: Why Do You Wear Make up?

Image from: weheartit and edited by me

So I've been this tag around quite a bit now and it seems to be getting pretty popular, so I thought I'd give it a go myself as the tag does seem pretty interesting and it's just general things you may want to know like how it all begun!

1. When did you begin wearing makeup?

I first started wearing makeup in high school in year 8, I started off using just foundation and mascara and then as the years went on my makeup collection began to grow and I started wearing eyeliner. The foundation I started of wearing was Maybelline dream matte mousse and I must of repurchased that whenever I ran out, for some reason I really liked it back then! Unfortunately though as I began to love makeup even more in year 9, I began to become pretty typical and got shades two times darker than I am, it's so funny to look back at now and also I had those not so attractive foundation lips, god knows how I thought that looked good.. But from then on I just became happily in love with makeup and yes found shades that actually suited me and became more sensible using it, probably not sensible when it comes to spending money on makeup though ehe!

2. How do you feel without makeup?

In all honesty, I am very insecure when I'm not wearing makeup I really do not like it, so usually when I am in the house and people are also in I will only have a bit of mascara and maybe some foundation which I would like to say is happily not too much and I don't mind that, I think I'm probably just a lot more nervous about my eyes being bare, I definitely need mascara. 

3. What do you like about makeup?

I just love experimenting with new things and just trying different products. It's just so much fun and I enjoy just doing my makeup in general. I like everything about makeup really!

4. Three holy grail items?

Number one: Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - I absolutely love this concealer, it's amazing and at such a low price it's the best!

Number two: Estee Lauder double wear lengthening mascara - I love ALL the Estee Lauder mascaras personally, they are definitely my favourite for mascara.

Number three: Clinique superbalanced makeup foundation - I have used this such a long time and as I foundation I will always be able to count on this, it has good coverage, and is very light and stays on long.


  1. i love that concealer too! and the collection 2000 liquid foundations are good too, have you tried them?

    1. Ooo no I've not actually tried them, I'll have a look at them though definitely!

  2. Love this tag! The Collection concealer is one of my favourite's too, so good for the price

    Glad I found your lovely blog, I followed!

    Sjmwell x

  3. Great tag, loved reading your answers. I agree with the mascara, I hate my eyes being bare, feel much more confident with it on.
    Have a good weekend, Maddie xx

  4. Hi Megan, what a sweet girly Blog!You such a sweetheart.
    you're welcomed to enter my giveaway :
    no pressure only if you want to.
    have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Your blog is great! Followed and joined the giveaway too! :)

  5. Great answers, love reading this tag. I really like the collection 2000 concealer too.
    Lovely blog!
    Daniella x

  6. the Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer is well perfection! liked your answers (: