Monday, 9 March 2015

Dirty Looks Full Head Triple Weft Hair Extensions Review

Before I begin I just want to point out I did infact dye my hair extensions and so the colour they are now is just from a box dye! 

Honestly, I am so obsessed with hair extensions - I hate being without them, they are a god sent and when I came across these extensions I was soo excited to try them! I have tried many extensions over the past couple of years but at the moment these are currently at the top of my favourites list, I would 100% recommended these if you're starting out with extensions it would put you on the best track for the natural look as the quality is amazing, I know a lot of people will start using a cheaper alternative but then just go off using hair extensions completely because they go frizzy as soon as you apply heat or brush them or anything really aha and its just not great and its regretful (trust me I know).. But with these you will be a lot more pleased with your results.

I received my hair extensions in a cute little double pouch which I think was the cleverest idea I have seen.. Other extensions I have ever bought always been ones in the long pack so its the length of the extensions, which is quite an awkward shape - definitely loved this packaging as it was small and an easy fit for the letter box! As it is a double pouch, they actually provide you with a sample piece which is separate from your full head of extensions, so you can take a look at the length and colour etc. before actually opening the other side in case it is a wrong match and you need to send it back, so its perfect for hygiene reasons also.

The colour I went for was 'California highlights' in length 20-22 inches, reason I went for this was because at the time I was actually dying my hair blonde but didn't end up liking the colour on me so I went back to a light brown which I am very very happy with! I was really impressed when browsing the website as there is such a wide range of different colours you can chose from, so I definitely think there would be something for everyone! I was obsessed with the highlighted colours as I thought it was such a good idea, to have the sort of mixed shades I find it makes it looks alot more realistic and natural against your hair rather than going down completely into one whole shade -really helps to blend them in.

The greatest thing about these extensions is the quality - they're perfect, I couldn't be happier they feel amazing and even after applying heat as I wanted to curl them they still felt amazing,. good as new! Hopefully they last me a long time and I really think they will, I know I will be purchasing again at some point when I need new ones as I am so impressed with the quality and thickness as I got the triple weft so they are that much thicker, this meaning they are triple the thickness of one singular hair piece. I am not a big fan of getting hair extensions that are thin as I think they stick out a lot next to your own hair and makes them obvious but the thickness with these blends in really well with my hair and hides nicely within them!

When I was dying my hair extensions I was so so scared they was going to turn out patchy and completely ruin the extensions but they actually turned out really well, I was so happy with them! The quality still feels amazing and they look good as new :-)

I am always interested trying new hair extensions, let me know your favourites!

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